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We specialise in supplying shuffleboards engineered for commercial use.

SHUFL. tables.

Handmade by master craftsmen in Richland Hills, Texas and proven to consistently perform in the European market.

Through extensive market research on how to optimise the game, SHUFL tables have several unique features: the curve, durability and warranty. These key points of difference have been specifically designed to enhance the game play experience and maximise return on investment.

Grand champion.

Consistent high-quality, detailed craftsmanship, and innovation creates the finest shuffleboard made from solid Canadian Maple.

  • Best suited for bars, clubs, restaurants, sporting venues or office spaces.
  • Unique curve controlled engineering
  • 20 year playfield warranty
  • Playfield:                    7.16cm) thick x 50.8cm wide
  • Length options:        16’ (4.9m), 18’ (5.5m), 20’ (6.10m), 22′ (6.7m)
  • Width:                        Approx. 78cm
  • Height:                       Approx. 83cm
  • Digital score unit


Our most versatile shuffleboard, the Gentry is an elegant model with a compact design that doesn’t compromise on game play for those who are limited on space.

  • Best suited for homes, schools, smaller bars or offices.
  • Unique curve controlled engineering
  • 20 year playfield warranty
  • Playfield:                    4cm thick x 42cm wide
  • Length options:         12’ (3.65m), 14’ (4.26m)
  • Width:                        Approx. 61cm
  • Height:                       Approx. 83cm
  • Abacus score keeper

Bank Shot.

A new way to play shuffleboard whilst still delivering on quality and craftsmanship.

  • Solid Canadian Maple playfield with patented polymer finish
  • 20 year playfield warranty
  • Playfield:                    3.8cm thick x 1.12m wide
  • Length options:        7′ (2.13m)
  • Width:                        Approx. 1.12m
  • Height:                       Approx. 84cm
  • Electronic score unit

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