Why shuffleboard?

So you want to buy a shuffleboard table but need to make sure that it's the right fit for your venue.
Below you will find the key benefits of this amazing game.

Play the curve.

Our trademarked precision-engineered curved playing surface enhances the fun for beginners and offers a new challenge for more advanced players.

This adds an entirely new dimension to the game, extending the fun for hours.

Create a new revenue stream.

SHUFL. tables are one of the best revenue generators when it comes to competitive socialising.

We encourage our partners to operate their tables on a reservation and pay to play basis. Taking up less space than a pool table (you can fit two shuffleboards into the space of one pool table), operators who buy a shuffleboard table can double or even quadruple game-play revenue with up to eight players on one table at a time, who are also paying more to play.

Increase food and drink sales.

Our partners report an increase in food and drink sales as people don't have to put their drinks down whilst they play, we call this the “SHUFL. sip n' slide”.

Groups are happy to wait for a SHUFL table to come free and usually have a drink or some food whilst they wait.


Put simply, we credit the curved playing surface of our SHUFL. tables for the increase in the amount of time customers spend in a venue.

The curve changes the gaming experience completely; adding a new dimension to the game and making it more fun and compelling than a flat table.


People are going out less and are a lot more thoughtful about how and where they choose to spend their hard-earned cash.

SHUFL answers the demands of today's experience-driven society, who want active, memory-making socialising that emphasises quality over quantity.


A third of under 25-year-old's don´t drink alcohol. Pubs and bars need to entice these digital natives away from stay-in socialising by offering new experiences and reasons to hang out with friends that don't solely focus on drinking.

Our primary player community is made up of 18-35 year olds because shuffleboard provides exactly what they are looking for: a fun and unique social gaming experience.

Human connection.

People are going in search of technology-free experiences. A game of SHUFL. gets people off their phones and encourages face-to-face social interaction.

One in five people regularly feel lonely on a Friday night but don't feel they have anyone to go to the pub with. We are proud to be the reason behind countless new friendships, relationships and Whatsapp groups!


Young and old, male and female, expert and novice; this game does not discriminate!

SHUFL attracts all sorts of age groups because of the inclusive nature of the game. We've seen Grandads beat their Grandchildren, Interns beat their CEOs and girlfriends beat their boyfriends!

Stand-out from the crowd.

Savvy pub operators and innovative offices that put their employee well-being top of the agenda, are the business owners who are winning by keeping up with evolving consumer demand.


The excitement generated on a shuffleboard table creates a real buzz in a venue and hosting tournaments can be used tactically to drive footfall in quieter periods.

Get in touch.

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We get customers taking pictures, videos and boomerangs all the time...generating plenty of social media activity.
— Tom Chatwin, General Manager BrewDog
The training we received on the game has been invaluable and my team are always keen to show the customers how it’s done – and even keener to play it themselves after shift!
— General Manager Liam McKeown, Fullers
Since SHUFL has been installed, our events bookings have skyrocketed. A point of difference brings a new experience for our guests; we couldn’t ask for a better addition to our venue.
— Jessica Mylne, Oche Australia, Events Manager
We were all sceptical at first but the income generated from the tables overwhelmed us, far outstripping pool and ping pong.
— Tony McGee, Operations Manager JSM Bars

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