About us.

SHUFL. is the only dedicated shuffleboard brand.

Who are SHUFL.?

SHUFL. is the only shuffleboard brand bringing an inclusive and memorable competitive socialising experience to pubs, bars, office and leisure destinations across the world.

We install handcrafted shuffleboard tables that feature our unique curved playing surface adding an entirely new dimension to the game, extending the fun for hours.

Shuffleboard is a great way to offer customers a new experience, boost visits to a venue and increase bar sales.

Our expertise in this competitive pub game and our ability to deliver bespoke business solutions, means we’ve established ourselves as the leading shuffleboard specialists.

Our player interaction through events and shuffleboard tournaments, fuels awareness of the game and establishes a loyal customer base around locations that house SHUFL tables.

Part of European Shuffleboard, the number one premium shuffleboard supplier in Europe since 2009, SHUFL installs tables in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia and the UK.

SHUFL. your way around the world.

Once you have played on one of curved SHUFL. tables, there’s no going back. Check out our map to find your nearest venue.

SHUFL. tables are handmade.

Our premium shuffleboard tables have been made by hand with pride in Richland Hills, Texas since 1988 by master craftsmen, resulting in consistent high-quality and detailed craftsmanship.

We use only the finest solid Canadian Maple for our playfields which are sealed with our patented polymer finish.

Our tables have been specifically designed to enhance the game play experience.

Play the curve.

The single most important innovation in the history of shuffleboard, our SHUFL. tables feature a revolutionary concave playing surface.

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