We've got the lowdown on how to play shuffleboard, the rules, and most importantly where you can find SHUFL. tables with our unique curve technology.

What is Shuffleboard?


Shuffleboard is a competitive game of skill that shares elements of curling, bowls and petanque. Players’ slide pucks along the playing surface towards the opposite score zones, with points awarded for accuracy.

An inclusive game, shuffleboard brings together young and old, male and female, expert and novice; delivering a memorable social experience.

Generating an electric atmosphere with up to 8 players able to enjoy each game, shuffleboard has proven to be a popular addition to pubs, bars, leisure and corporate destinations across the world.

Where to play.

Once you have played on one of curved SHUFL. tables, there’s no going back. Check out our map to find your nearest venue.

How to play.

So, you’re looking to play shuffleboard but not sure how it works?  Don’t want to embarrass yourself on the playfield?  Never fear, SHUFL. is here and we’ve got your back.

Take the rules with you.

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