Oche Fortitude Valley

The home of competitive socialising.

Ahead of the curve on social gaming.

Australia’s first-ever SHUFL tables were placed in Oche Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, which opened its doors in December 2019. SHUFL suits Oche’s concept which is all about giving guests a unique social dining experience.

They utilise the tables to keep large groups in their venue, increasing dwell time and maximising spend per head. Ahead of the competitive socialising curve, a trend which has now really taken off, they hit on a powerful next-generation social gaming offer.


Since SHUFL has been installed, our events bookings have skyrocketed. A point of difference brings a new experience for our guests; we couldn’t ask for a better addition to our venue.
— Jessica Mylne, Oche Australia, Events Manager

A crowd pleaser.

Oche customers in Brisbane were the first to experience the SHUFL curve in Australia with two 22- footers installed at their Fortitude Valley venue.

Oche’s menu is designed to be eaten with one free hand so guests can focus on the most important thing, the fun! Along with the ultimate electronic darts, SHUFL. continues to pull in a crowd.

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