Meet our team: Brand Ambassador, Joey Bartram

18th November 2020SHUFL Community

Say hi to Joey, a SHUFL Brand Ambassador and proud member of the puck squad. He’s a Bristolian, who is fascinated by the etymology of names. After starting out in the hospitality industry, he has since taken to the stage. He works as a compere, comic and quizmaster, so as well as loving the social side to SHUFL, he’s used to dealing with rowdy crowds of passionate players.

Joey is on a mission to spread the good word of SHUFL onto tables throughout the world, starting with his home turf in London. He’s also your main man when it comes to running an almighty tournament at your venue or event, as he has the magic touch when it comes to creating a buzz and activating an atmosphere.

He loves the variety of being a SHUFL Brand Ambassador as he gets to visit lots of new venues, bringing his no-friction, good fun attitude to create enjoyable experiences. The concept of shuffleboard is completely new to most players and witnessing how this inclusive, accessible game unites diverse groups makes him feel part of a movement that has real social value.

  • Team Red or Team Blue? As a Bristol City boy, he’ll keep the red flag flying high.
  • Favourite thing to sip while sliding? Cider, of course!
  • Loves: Trains, crabs and relics. Hates: Dithering, Queen, full-fat milk and beer.
  • Need to know: He helped the Black Eyed Peas get their tour bus out of a tree!  A French teenager once asked to have a picture taken with him “for a school project.” They didn’t explain what that project was!

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