The retro games getting a new lease of life

21st July 2022Research & Insights

As the saying goes ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’, fashions change and are re-invented for the next generation.  The current leisure trend is tapping into nostalgia, giving retro games a new lease of life with a contemporary twist on the old is a good example of this.

We continue to see a dynamic hospitality industry with experiential-led venues leading the way and offering retro-style social gaming activities, such as, darts, shuffleboard, ten-pin bowling, ping pong, mini golf and many more.  Increasingly, we’re now seeing a new tech spin on these competitive socialising activities, as well as the main activity being coupled with an exceptional fabulous food and drink offer to deliver a complete premium experience.

What’s driving the trend?

At Play SHUFL. we know that the resurgence in popularity of these kinds of social gaming activities has everything to do with the universal human need for social connection.  It brings people together and we all crave memorable, shareable experiences particularly in the digital age, when ‘in real life’ experiences have become perhaps even more significant.   Games like shuffleboard and darts are great for groups of diverse people – colleagues from work or friends from different backgrounds. They’re a brilliant ice breaker, instantly giving everyone something in common and are very inclusive, everyone can play regardless of experience, age, gender or nationality.

The latest retro gaming hotspots

This summer will see our sister brand OCHE open its first London franchise on The Strand and invite Londoners to ‘Come out and Play’ its gastro gaming modern darts concept.  OCHE offers a new twist on the popular pub game of darts, featuring innovative tech for a next generation experience with automated scoring and a variety of games for customers to choose from.  But it’s not just the darts that visitors will be coming to OCHE for, it’s also the high-end, fine-dining food, designed by Michelin trained chefs, and distinctive bar menu, dreamt up by industry leading mixologists.

As they say at OCHE ‘it’s ok to play with your food’:  customers can eat while they play and savour flavours from around the world, with dishes that are created to be shared. Alternatively, you can eat in the restaurant area and enjoy your favourite drink or our signature cocktails, or a recommendation from their mixologists.

From darts to shuffleboard, Norway now has its own gastro gaming shuffleboard concept venue in the shape of another of our sister brands SHUFL.   Visitors will recognise our Play SHUFL. tables with their unique curved playing surface and now with the addition of the latest camera-based tech to deliver a next-generation gameplay experience.  Like OCHE, SHUFL. also combines sharing dishes and exceptional drinks with innovative twists to suit the playful environment without compromising on quality.

Find out more about OCHE and SHUFL and check out our full list of Play SHUFL. partner venues here.

More information on becoming a Play SHUFL. partner here.

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