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About our tables.

Our SHUFL. playing surfaces are handcrafted from the finest Canadian Maple. The cradles feature reinforced backboards to ensure that durability matches the quality.

Our tables are made by master craftsmen in Richland Hills, Texas.

Our revolutionary concave playing surface features a 0.8 degree of tensional pressure, that’s a whopping 0.7 degrees more than any other standard table.

When we install a SHUFL. table, our technicians can adjust the tension to create the optimal playing surface. Try doing this on a standard table and the wood will crack.

Find out more about our famous SHUFL. Curve here.

We specialise in supplying the only shuffleboards engineered specifically for commercial use. Some of our venues have tables that are over 10 years old and are still in excellent condition.

Buying guide.

Where space allows, we would always recommend our full size 22ft tables that provide the ultimate game play experience. We are also proud to be able to offer a solution to smaller venues that are tight on space. View our shuffleboard tables here.

It is worth noting, an 18ft SHUFL. table requires 8.02m2 compared to 23.59m2 required by a large pool table. This is due to the fact that you only need access to each end of a shuffleboard for gameplay and there is no need for any cueing space.

Housing at least two tables is an ideal set up to maximise your profits from shuffleboard, as having more than one table enables you to double game play revenue.

Yes. Our partners report an increase in food and drink revenue when replacing a dining table with shuffleboard. This is because introducing shuffleboard will boost your off-peak trade, create a new revenue stream through game play sales, and players are still able to eat and drink.

We are pleased to be able to offer several different business models to ensure we have the right solution for you. Please get in touch to find out more.

We encourage our customers to sell the game in timeslots. This enables you to take advance bookings, create demand, and profit from increased customer dwell time.

The confidence we have in the quality of our tables is reflected in our market leading guarantees. A 20-year warranty as standard on manufacturer defects to the playing surface means total assurance that SHUFL. tables will maintain their premium nature for years to come.

This is dependent on our current stock level. We always aim to fit in around your needs and deliver to a timescale that works best for you. Please contact us so that we can provide current availability.

A score unit helps to enhance the game experience for players and spectators. Average monthly revenue across our partners reflects the benefit of having a score unit when compared to tables without.

Shuffleboard installation.

We provide experienced and skilled technicians to install and balance your table and set our famous SHUFL. curve technology.

Delivery, install and servicing fees depend on size, quantity and location. Please contact us to get a specific quote.

A SHUFL. technician will come and survey your site to confirm suitability and access – nothing has defeated us yet!

Shuffleboard maintenance.

Check out our expert guide on how to lay your table.

We provide specialist shuffleboard cleaner designed to maintain the longevity of your tables. You can buy it here.

The lifetime polymer surface on a SHUFL. table will help to protect against moisture, unlike boards that are not designed for the commercial market. However, it’s best to mop up any spilt drinks as soon as possible.

We recommend hoovering up the excess sand from the cradle to ensure your table looks pristine.

Yes, we recommend our bi-annual service package to ensure your tables are playing perfectly all year round. Please contact us to get a specific quote.

We recognise your staff are the first point of contact for interacting with players who may be new to shuffleboard. We invest time providing education around all aspects of the game to ensure that staff are confident SHUFL. advocates. Find out more about how we support you here.

Shuffleboard hire.

Yes, depending on availability.

Our standard hire package is two 12ft Gentry tables. You can find out more about our Gentry tables here.

We quote on a bespoke basis and calculate our pricing depending on date, location, duration and number of tables required. Please contact us to get a specific quote.

We are able to provide a host from our SHUFL. team depending on availability.

It is your responsibility to confirm suitability and access. We will provide detailed requirements to help guide you through this process.


All venues that have our SHUFL. tables will be added to our map. Please get in touch if you don’t see your venue on there.

All of our customers have their own Account Manager who are on hand to help you maximise the performance of your tables. If you are not sure who this is, please get in touch and we will be able to provide this information.

Yes, we have SHUFL. Brand Ambassadors available to host tournaments and events at your venue. We are also able to provide resource and guidance to help you facilitate your own tournaments. Please contact your Account Manager for more information.

Get a quote.

Interested in buying a shuffleboard? Get in touch and one of our team will get back to you.

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