Your new one-stop shuffleboard web shop is here!

Shuffleboard Web Shop
23rd Juni 2021SHUFL News

Keeping your shuffleboard in top condition just got a whole lot easier: Your new one-stop shuffleboard web shop is here!  The new SHUFL web shop is open for business serving shuffleboard customers in both Norway and the UK, with the rest of our international markets set to follow later this year.

We are proud to be the exclusive supplier of Sun-Glo shuffleboard products In Europe.  Sun-Glo have been delivering world-class quality shuffleboard products since 1935, designed and tested by professionals.  For the first time ever, not only our SHUFL partners but anyone with a shuffleboard in the UK and Norway can access them.

We know that you have enough to do managing your venue and we want to make your life as easy as possible, so now you can shop a comprehensive range of market-leading shuffleboard products and accessories in one place to ensure that keeping your shuffleboard in tip-top condition is quick and hassle-free.

You’re now just a click away from ordering a range of specially selected, premium products and accessories, which guarantee the best game-play conditions and increase the lifespan of our shuffleboards:

  • A selection of Sun-Glo shuffleboard powders to suit a variety of playing conditions from fast-paced tournaments to a comfortable speed for beginners, Including Speed 2 our number one go-to powder
  • Sun-Glo Silicone spray designed to partner the Sun-Glo powders to create the perfect playing experience. Simply spray a light coat before you lay your powder to reduce tracking, save on powder and add a ton of excitement to the game.
  • Board wipes that match the width of our playfields, essential for clearing the surface.
  • Specialist shuffleboard cleaner to remove grime and dirt and maintain the longevity of your playfield.
  • Hardened steel, American-style weighted pucks; replacement puck caps for refreshing tired pucks; and even our must-have bespoke wooden SHUFL puck boxes
  • Metal and wooden drinks holders, which attach to the side of your shuffleboard cradle will stop customers using your pristine playfield as a place to leave their drinks.

Coming soon: you’ll also be able to get your hands on some of our SHUFL merch, such as our popular branded slogan t-shirts and caps for those looking to make a statement.  More gear to be added at a later date.

Looking to introduce a shuffleboard table to your venue or office? Our score units and tables are also listed so it’s super easy to get a quote at the click of a button

When it comes to checking out, our SHUFL trade customers can choose to pay by invoice for added flexibility or you can simply pay by card.

For SHUFL partners outside of Norway and the UK, simply contact your SHUFL Country Manager to place an order.

It’s time to shop SHUFL!

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