When it comes to SHUFL; it's not the size, it's how you use it...

23rd Juni 2019Research & Insights

Ok, so you’ve heard about shuffleboard: it’s popular with Millennials and Gen Z, pretty much anyone can play, it gives people a reason to come to your pub, generates increased revenue, looks stunning with its retro styling AND it’s big on fun. There’s just one sticking point, you’re just not sure that you can fit a 22ft Grand Champion table into your pint-sized pub.

Did we mention that SHUFL’s market-leading, precision-engineered curved tables come in a range of sizes to suit every venue?

If you’re looking to make a shuffleboard statement, our Grand Champion is the daddy of all tables. Featuring detailed craftsmanship, the GC has a solid Canadian Maple 3-inch playfield that comes in five lengths ranging from 12ft to 22ft.

For those limited on space, its baby brother the Gentry is a versatile option with an elegant and compact design that doesn’t compromise your game. It’s available in three lengths: 9ft, 12ft and 14ft.

All SHUFL tables are handmade by master craftsmen in Richland Hills Texas and have several unique features, which enhance gameplay. Innovative trademarked curve-controlled engineering enhances the game play experience. It also maximises your return on investment by increasing dwell time, additional food and wet sales and securing return visits.

Our tables feature a lifetime warranty on the playing surface polymer and reinforced joints, so they are robust enough to withstand the rigours of the commercial environment without compromising on stylish design.

Who said size doesn’t matter? Not us!

For more information about becoming a SHUFL partner call: +44 333 012 4135 or click here.

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