8 reasons why every hotel needs a shuffleboard

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22nd februar 2021Research & Insights

Why every hotel needs a shuffleboard: Consumer demand for destination hotels that allow guests to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect by offering a variety of experiences is predicted to be high when the tourism industry fully re-opens, after what has been a tough year.

There’s opportunity for dynamic hoteliers to re-shape their guest experience, onboarding new offers that both appeal to the consumer mood and bring competitive advantage. An authentic, interactive game, shuffleboard delivers a memorable out-of-home experience centred around face-to-face interaction and human connection, as well as generating additional revenue.

Here’s why shuffleboard is a no-brainer for hotels:

  • Play & stay – Introducing a shuffleboard table is a great way of increasing the dwell time of guests at your hotel. A compelling, exciting game, it will have players ordering another round of drinks while they master the SHUFL curve.
  • Stand-out from the crowd – It’s a great value-add to help your hotel stand-out on the highly competitive booking comparison sites.
  • Bringing people back together – hosting shuffleboard tournaments creates a social buzz for guests who have been starved of social interaction after a year of lockdowns with hospitality venues shut down in the face of a global pandemic.People are looking forward to socialising again.
  • Corporate add-on – Team sports are great for corporate bookings. A shuffleboard offer can be included to bulk up a corporate package as a team-building activity add-on or as part of an evening entertainment event.
  • Broad appeal – It’s inclusive and appeals to all ages and a wide-range of guests
  • Destination experience – It helps build a destination experience with a variety of activities under one roof, particularly for out-of-town, rural locations. It also delivers a non-virtual experience which is appealing to the digitally fatigued consumer.
  • Bar attraction – In town centres, shuffleboard tables will attract non-hotel guests, driving footfall into the hotel bar.
  • Eat, drink, play – Shuffleboard increases dwell time and generates increased food and drink revenue. Upsell your food and drink offer to hungry, thirsty players or even introduce experiential dining in the form of a shuffleboard sip, snack and slide menu!

With pent-up consumer demand for leisure travel, the desire to reconnect with people and experience new things, a high-quality social gaming offer will give hoteliers a real point of difference in a competitive market.

Get in touch to find out how a SHUFL table could unlock new business opportunities for your hotel.

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