Shuffleboard: The perfect bonding activity

11th februar 2022SHUFL Community

With Valentine’s Day here, we’ve got the perfect bonding activity for first-daters plucking up the courage to ask out that special someone.

Brilliant for breaking the ice and keeping things light-hearted, a game of shuffleboard is your go-to alternative date night. At SHUFL. we’ve been bringing people together and making connections for more than a decade, so we know that shuffleboard is the perfect bonding activity for those first dates who ‘pucker up’ on one of our shuffleboard tables, and are guaranteed to have the slide of their life, even if they turn out not to be a match made in heaven.

But shuffleboard’s not just for Valentine’s intros.  It’s for everyone starting a new chapter.  Whether you’re a fresher in your first year at Uni, a new starter in a new company or you’re meeting your partner’s family for the first time, shuffleboard really is great for getting everyone together and making new connections.

We call it a level playing field (actually our playfields are slightly curved but you get the gist!): fun and inclusive, shuffleboard is a competitive game that’s easy to learn and doesn’t discriminate.  Everyone can play, no previous experience is necessary, the rules are super simple and there’s scope for some team bonding action, with up to four players on two teams.

It couldn’t be easier to find your nearest shuffleboard venue with our venue finder. Then, you simply book your table, invite your new friends, family or colleagues, make sure everyone’s got their favourite sip before you slide; and let the magic happen…. As the competition hots up, so does the player interaction:  plenty of friendly rivalry, sporting camaraderie and team banter, which all makes for an electric atmosphere, taking the heat off the newbie!   Before you know it, you’re on a shared experience of highs and lows, as you take on your opponents, master the SHUFL. Curve and play to win, like nothing else matters.  You’re making connections without even trying.

Make your next ‘first time’ a SHUFL. time! Discover your nearest venue here or for more inspiration, check out some of our newest 2022 partner venues here.

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