Grand Champion Shuffleboard

Consistent high-quality, detailed craftsmanship, and curve innovation creates the finest shuffleboard made from solid Canadian Maple.

  • Solid Canadian Maple playfield with patented polymer finish
  • Unique curve controlled engineering
  • 20 year playfield warranty
  • Playfield:                   3” thick x 20” wide
  • Length options:      22ft, 20ft, 18ft, 16ft, 14ft, 12ft
  • Width:                        31”
  • Height:                       33”
  • Electronic score unit

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The number one selling shuffleboard in the world. The Grand Champion is handmade with consistent high-quality and detailed craftsmanship using the finest solid Canadian Maple. Featuring our unique SHUFL. curve technology and patented polymer playfield, this table has been specifically designed to enhance the game play experience.

Available in a range of sizes, our Grand Champion Shuffleboard is best suited for bars, pubs, hotels, restaurants, sporting venues, large homes or office spaces.


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