Nordic Choice Hotels: Keeping hotel guests entertained with shuffleboard

8th November 2021SHUFL Partners

Leading Scandinavian Hotel group, Nordic Choice Hotels offers hotel experiences with a difference.  One of those differences is keeping hotel guests entertained with shuffleboard. Around 60 of their 200+ hotels across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Baltics are home to our elegant 14 ft Gentry shuffleboard tables.  From family celebrations to hosting conferences and business meetings, their hotels bring people together for different reasons and cater for a broad spectrum of guests.

Unlike many of our pub and bar customers, who generate direct revenue from their tables by operating then on a pay-to-play basis, Nordic Choice offer shuffleboard as an additional, complimentary attraction to add value to the guest experience, keep guests entertained and encourage them to socialise in the hotel.

Explains Nordic Choice Hotels Director of Franchise and Projects, Katri Inkero, “Shuffleboard is great for keeping our guests entertained and giving them another reason to stay and play in our hotel.  It adds a fun dimension to their leisure time and because anyone can play shuffleboard, it appeals to the many different guests we cater for, whether they are with us for business or pleasure.”

Adds SHUFL. country manager Martin Vea, “During the four years we have partnered with Nordic Choice, shuffleboard has become a distinctive part of their unique one-stop destination experience – everything you need all in one place.  They’re very popular and are particularly good as part of a corporate teambuilding package as you can make up teams and run a tournament.

To find out where you can stay and play at a Nordic Choice Hotel visit our venue finder.

More information on why shuffleboards are great for hotels here and how you can become a SHUFL partner here.

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