New year, new customers: Give your venue the gaming edge with shuffleboard

17th December 2021SHUFL Community

With 2022 on the horizon, it’s time to start planning your business strategy for the New Year and give your venue the gaming edge with shuffleboard! At SHUFL.  it’s less about ‘Dry January’ and more ‘Try January’ – meaning go big, be playful and try something new!

If you’re a hospitality operator looking to generate additional revenue by attracting new customers and giving people more reasons to visit your venue, this one’s for you! Our guide to giving your venue the gaming edge, gives you the insider track on how the inclusive game of shuffleboard can drive footfall and increase income.

So, why shuffleboard?

Well, it’s the next generation of social gaming and an authentic accompaniment to your food and beverage offer. It doesn’t discriminate and appeals to a younger audience who want memorable experiences that they can share with their friends.  It’s about bringing people together, reconnecting with friends, having some fun, and sipping and sliding with your favourite drink in hand.  It’s everything we all need right now.

Awesome, but sounds like a big investment!

There are lots of ways you can become a SHUFL. partner with bespoke commercial solutions tailored to suit your venue.

Our shuffleboard tables are the best in the business. We specialise in commercial grade, durable tables that not only look good and offer the most satisfying puck slide but also give the best return on investment. Our handcrafted maple playing fields are engineered to perform in a commercial environment and feature our unique Curve or concave playing surface, designed to enhance the playing experience. Once customers experience it, they always come back for more, which means increased return visits to your venue.

As the only shuffleboard specialist, we’re the experts when it comes to helping you build a shuffleboard player community.  Operating your tables on a pay-to-play basis generates immediate additional income, but also brings the added benefit that when customers play on a SHUFL. table, they also stay longer and order more food and drink.

We think you’ll agree, it’s a win-win all round.

We’ve got your back

When you partner with SHUFL., our expert team are on hand to introduce shuffleboard to your customer base, train your staff and advise on how shuffleboard can become a powerful strategic marketing tool by generating revenue during quiet times.

We’ll also support you with social media and digital marketing promotion across all our platforms. The best bit? You’ll be listed on our global website as an official SHUFL. partner where your venue will be advertised as a destination on our venue finder.  Plus, you’ll get access to our venue pack with a suite of promotional assets featuring our new branding, so you can shout it out loud and enhance the customer journey.

Don’t forget you can also shop our market-leading shuffleboard products and accessories in one place at the click of a button.

SHUFL. goes where the beer flows, so up your game and play to win in 2022.  To become part of the SHUFL. family, find out more here.

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