Meet the team: Dan McDonald, SHUFL. Business Development Manager

21st July 2022SHUFL News

Meet Dan, our business development manager in the North!  He’s a footie mad, busy dad to six-year-old Matilda, with another one on the way – and not forgetting the puppy. We’re not sure how he fits it in but he loves a good BBQ, just don’t offer him any salt & vinegar crisps, if you want to stay on his good side!

Dan’s responsible for growing the business and extending the reach of our boards from Birmingham up to the highlands of Scotland, as well as looking after our existing partners.

He joined the team in 2022 having worked in hospitality for around 10 years, managing hotels, restaurants and bars.  In fact, he is so passionate about hospitality that after a brief move into car sales for a few years, he realised that he missed it and has come back to what he loves.

He says the best things about working for Social Gaming Solutions are the team he gets to work with (goes without saying!), selling an amazing product and also, the opportunity to travel.

  • Team Red or Team Blue? Team Red! A massive Man United fan, he used to go to all of their home and away games.
  • Favourite thing to sip while you’re sliding? A nice cold pint of Guinness.
  • Likes: Golf, football, NFL and travel. Dislikes: Hayfever, crumbs in the bed and salt & vinegar crisps!
  • Fun fact: He used to be a ski instructor in Verbier
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