Meet our Team: Brand Ambassador, Alex Morelli

12th December 2019SHUFL Community

Say hi to Alex, 29, one of our Puck Squad Brand Ambassadors. He’s a self-proclaimed Star Wars fan, who loves a fun fact and needs to get more sleep.

An actor and model, he has been working with brands on promotional campaigns and brand activations for the last five years. He also works in night clubs, all of which might explain the sleep deficit!

He’s responsible for teaching people how to love and play the game of shuffleboard and also helps our technician Les install shuffleboards in new locations, “carrying the heavy bits”.  He claims that the best thing about working for SHUFL is the sweet feeling you get when you land a ‘Hanger’ (for the uninitiated that’s when the puck comes to rest hanging off the edge of the table and scores a maximum five pointer).

  • Team Red or Team Blue? Blue – it brings out the colour of his (brown!) eyes.
  • Favourite thing to sip while you’re sliding? Lime & soda, straight from the bottle and on the rocks.
  • Likes: light sabre fights.  Dislikes: Anakin Skywalker’s opinion of sand.
  • Fun fact:  kiwis have more of every vitamin in them than any other fruit, except potassium in bananas.  (We can’t share his other fun fact – you’ll have to ask him yourself!)


Meet some other members of our SHUFL team including our Technician Les and Marketing Manager Sam.

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