Gasworks Brew Bar.

Micro brewery in the heart of Manchester.

Gasworks Brew Bar took on SHUFL. and never looked back.

In 2017 SHUFL. installed two 22ft Grand Champion shuffleboard tables in The Gasworks Brewbar, Manchester, part of the Dockyard Group. One of our first UK customers, Gasworks were early adopters of the game and ahead of the curve with their competitive socialising offer.

The game was unknown in the area, so we worked collaboratively to build up the player community by training Gasworks’ staff to understand the rules of the game, hosted a launch event to introduce the game to Gasworks’ customers and supplied point of sale to help raise awareness of the game in venue.

One year later and the results spoke for themselves: game play increased on average 20% month-on-month, generating sizeable additional revenue in food and wet-led sales resulting in a total revenue of £206,731 in the first twelve months.  Sister bar The Dockyard, Spinningfields, Manchester quickly followed suit, installing two 18ft SHUFL. tables.

A chat with The Dockyard.

We caught up with Amy Feeley, Bar Supervisor at The Dockyard, Spinningfiels, to hear how the SHUFL. tables have helped to drive footfall on quieter days.

When I saw shuffleboard in action, I loved it immediately because it was niche, it was something different.
— Youssef Spiro, Dockyard Group Operations Manager

Says Dockyard Group Operations Manager, Youssef Spiro: “When SHUFL. approached me I’d never heard of shuffleboard but when I saw it in action, I loved it immediately because it was niche, it was something different.  We already brew our own beer but anything we are doing that other people aren’t, the more reasons customers have to come here.”

The launch was key.

“SHUFL. hosted our launch event, which took place midweek and was very intimate.  There was a lot of one-on-one teaching people how to play.  We brewed a beer specially for the occasion that was really well received. It gave us a taster of things to come and since then, it’s got bigger every week.”

SHUFL. creates atmosphere.


“It’s certainly great for midweek as it brings people in and increases the time they spend here.  When the tables are really busy, we’ve found that people are happy to leave a deposit and stay for a drink for an hour, while they are waiting for the table.  This has been a fantastic benefit we hadn’t thought of previously.”

“We also get some rentable revenue from the tables which pays for any extra time we spend showing people how to play.  One of the main benefits for us though, is that it creates atmosphere.  When you have, say, fifteen people in the bar and four of them are playing SHUFL, they are cheering and laughing, which they wouldn’t be otherwise.”

“We’re expanding with new sites in the pipeline and without a doubt SHUFL. is going to be part of our business model going forward.”

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