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Roxy Ballroom ahead of the curve on social gaming.

When Leeds-based Roxy Leisure was developing the offer at their successful experiential-led, city-centre gaming bars, entrepreneurial brothers Matthew and Ben Jones turned to SHUFL., the UK’s only dedicated, premium shuffleboard brand.

Ahead of the competitive socialising curve, a trend which has now really taken off, they hit on a powerful next-generation social gaming offer.

Says Matthew Jones, managing director, Roxy Leisure Ltd: “We’re all about delivering customer-first experiences and SHUFL’s social gaming is the perfect fit.  Not only do they supply high-quality tables, they bring experiential expertise, developing the player community.”

“Roxy Ballroom customers leave with memories of a fun, interactive night out and are compelled to come back.”

“Roxy Ballroom is about innovation and keeping up with trends and we simply could not miss the opportunity to swap out some of our ping pong and pool tables for shuffleboard.  This was important as, although we’re an 80% wet-led business, it’s the entertainment experience that drives the business.”

“We also love the fact that the game doesn’t discriminate, everyone can play regardless of experience, age, gender or ability.”

A chat with Roxy Ballroom Merrion Street.

We caught up with Sam Davies, a bartender at Roxy Ballroom Merrion Street, to hear how the SHUFL. tables have helped attract a new crowd in to the venue.

Not only do SHUFL. supply high-quality tables, they bring experiential expertise, developing the player community.
— Matthew Jones, Managing Director Roxy Leisure

Roxy have rolled out SHUFL.

Following the installation of two 18-foot curved, handcrafted US maple wood tables at their first Roxy Ball Room in Merrion Street, Leeds, they sold 260 games of shuffleboard across the two tables during the first month, generating just over £3000 without the additional drink sales on top.

Over time, the increased footfall, dwell-time and revenue upsurge became consistent and has since led to a further thirteen SHUFL. tables being installed in other Roxy Ball Room sites in some of the UK´s biggest cities.

A crowd pleaser.

Roxy customers in Manchester were next to experience the SHUFL. curve with two 18- footers installed at their Deansgate venue.

The Roxy Ball Room signature food and drink offer of burgers, pizza and nibbles with beer and cocktails is perfectly designed for sipping, snacking and sliding on a shuffleboard.  Along with the ultimate gaming line-up of pool, ping pong, beer pong and an 18-hole mini-golf course, SHUFL. continues to pull in a crowd.

The story continues...


In Liverpool’s Hanover Street they’re rocking our biggest table, the monster 22-footer and down the road in Rainford Square, there’s a record-breaking collection of SHUFL. tables under one roof – two full sizers and a two 18-footers – all ready for a shuffleboard party set to the Roxy rock and indie soundtrack.

In Thurland Street, Nottingham, puck off is on two 16-footers and in Birmingham it’s almost SHUFL. time with the arrival of the latest Roxy Ball Room offering in Digbeth, where bowling has also been added to the gaming line-up.

Fifteen tables in and SHUFL. remains the top-selling game in the Roxy Ballroom offer. Roxy’s success story continues with more sites in the pipeline and an investment of £7.5 million secured to fuel their ambitious growth plans.

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