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Looking to re-open your venue with a bang? There’s nothing like a shuffleboard tournament to bring out the competitive spirit and create a party atmosphere.

At SHUFL HQ, we’re catching a whiff of spring in the air, which means that we’re getting closer to doing the things we love again, like getting together with friends and having some FUN.

We just so happen to know a thing or two about bringing people together for awesome shuffleboard events. So, here are our top tips for putting on some post Covid-19 SHUFL-tastic entertainment by hosting your own shuffleboard tournament:

  • Pick your date and time – traditionally quiet days and early evenings work best to encourage people into your venue at low-traffic times or to create additional buzz and increase customer dwell time.
  • Decide on a prize – this could be a bar tab, a meal at the pub or a bottle of bubbly and free game of shuffleboard to encourage a repeat visit.
  • Plan how the tournament will be structured… you’ve got two options here. Group Stage Elimination or Knock-Out.
  • Remember to block out the table/tables with a tournament reservation so that you don’t get double-bookings.
  • Advertise your shuffleboard tournament on your social media pages, and don’t forget to tag @playshufl so we can help you promote it. Here at SHUFL we have some ready-made digital resources to help with that or you can get creative with a pic of your table.
  • Let your local media know a few weeks prior to the event for their ‘what’s on’ pages and shout-outs.
  • Brief your bar staff so they can let people know about it when they are serving them
  • Download the rules so you can have a copy to hand at the tournament.
  • Put a member of staff in charge of hosting the tournament on the day – it helps to pick a naturally outgoing, talkative personality who can walk participants through the set-up and rules, engage in some friendly banter and generally take the lead.
  • Get ready for ‘puck off’ by preparing your tables in advance using our guide.
  • Encourage participants to take photos and tag your venue on social media so you can re-post and show the customers who didn’t make it what they missed out on!

More information on becoming a SHUFL partner here or for a special event you can hire a SHUFL table.

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