Why Shuffleboard is great for golf clubs

Golf club shuffleboard
19th Mai 2021SHUFL Partners

Shuffleboard and golf.  What’s not to love!   Did you know that we’ve installed shuffleboard tables on the green for our corporate away days and we even have our own SHUFL branded golf balls ready for when we hit the golf course? Read on to find out why we think that shuffleboard is great for golf clubs.

As popular choices for corporate away days and client hospitality events, golf clubs are realising the business advantage of playing host to a shuffleboard table.   It allows them to offer teambuilding tournaments, mini challenges and bring groups together, away from the fairway.  It’s also really inclusive: from the office junior to the CEO; the novice to the master shuffleboard players, young and old, male and female, disabled and able-bodied, anyone can play.

We partner with several European golf clubs, helping them to extend the stay of guests and members in their clubhouses.

SHUFL Norway Country Manager Martin Vea explains: “In Norway, you typically come to the club to play golf and then leave straight after. This is something that the clubs wanted to change to try and establish more interaction and post-match socialising among the members.  The addition of shuffleboard tables has given members an excuse to visit the clubhouse and stay and play.  Pre-Covid, there were actually members who visited their club just to play shuffleboard and have a good time, even in the winter when the course was closed.”

We spoke to several of our prestigious Norwegian golf club partners to find out exactly how shuffleboard has been a game-changer for them, by bringing some competitive fun from the fairways to the 19th hole.

SHUFL are sponsors of one of the top Norwegian golf clubs – Miklagard Golfklubb – and the first club in Norway to have a shuffleboard installed.  Located in Ullensaker municipality, a region with strong links to the Viking age, Miklagard has an 18-hole international championship course with all of the holes named after Norse gods and kings.

The clubhouse plays host to many private and corporate events and even has a strong business community with the club running its own business networking membership. A compact14ft Gentry SHUFL table complete with hard top cover, doubles as a table top for meetings, welcome gifts and buffets at tournaments.

 Paal Kjelsrud, sales & event Manager at Miklagard Golf Club comments: “Establishing shuffleboard in the clubhouse has been a very positive addition. It gives members, partners and guests an extra dimension to the already well-established social environment we have here and enables both males and females of all ages to socialize and have fun, as well as playing golf.

“It has meant increased activity in the clubhouse, more opportunities for competitive tournaments and another reason for everyone to get together.  We’ve also seen increased sales in our restaurant as a result of our shuffleboard, so it’s definitely something we would recommend to other golf clubs that have room for it.”

Realising the benefit of shuffleboard as an additional attraction for corporate events, other golf clubs in Norway have followed suit.

Norway’s oldest golf club, established in 1924, Oslo Golfklubb is situated next to Bogstad Lake with a waterfall as the backdrop to hole number12.  Following a transformation back in 2008, it is now home to one of the most technologically advanced 18-hole championship courses in Europe.  The new club house is home to one of our 12ft Gentry adding a playful dimension to corporate events and post-match socials.

Another club that is realising the benefits of shuffleboard, is Bærum Golfklubb located in Lommedalen in scenic surroundings about 25mins from Oslo.  A large golf club with first-class facilities, it also boasts a14ft Gentry, with hard top cover

Marius Thorp, former renowned Norwegian golf pro and manager of sports at Bærum Golf Club

“Our shuffleboard is an important part of strengthening the social environment in the club.  It brings people together during the events we host and elevates the social experience for our members and guests using the clubhouse. We use it for internal and external events, tournaments and social gatherings.

“Our goal behind installing a shuffleboard was to bring more people into the club house and give them a reason to spend more time before and after their game of golf. Ultimately more people in the club house means greater turnover.”

All tables are operated on a free to play basis.

Golf clubs – it’s time to do the SHUFL in your clubhouse!  More information on becoming a SHUFL partner here.

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