Success of SHUFL is a game-changer for On-Trade Retailers

14th Dezember 2018Research & Insights

An increasing number of city-centre brew bars and gaming meccas are turning to SHUFL,
the only dedicated UK shuffleboard brand, in a bid to entice experiential-driven consumers.
BrewDog’s Tower Hill Outpost, Roxy Ballroom, Leeds, and The Gasworks Brew Bar,
Manchester are just a few of the on-trade retailers partnering with SHUFL.

As the UK division of Europe’s number one premium shuffleboard supplier, we have seen a
37% increase in installations of our hand-crafted, American shuffleboard tables in the last
12 months with SHUFL venues reporting a substantial increase in revenue post-installation.
We’re also creating and fulfilling demand to host bespoke events for on-trade
venues and corporates.

Our SHUFL CEO Dafydd Evans is optimistic about the brand’s future success: “The UK on-trade
is seeing a decrease in alcohol consumption among the under-25s and a shift in consumer
preference for experiential nights out. This means that pubs and bars need to add value to
their food and drink offer to appeal to customers and entice them back through their doors.“

“SHUFL is fulfilling this consumer demand through social gaming. We offer a complete
brand experience: shuffleboard expertise, bespoke event hosting and premium tables,
which deliver an enhanced on-trade consumer experience as well as generating increased

Typically played on an 18 to 22-foot narrow, curved maple wood table, Shuffleboard is an
authentic pub game, originating in Texas, accessible to players of all abilities and ages,
regardless of fitness or experience. Between two and eight players compete in teams to
score points by sliding weighted pucks down the table in a bid to land as close to the far end
as possible.


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