Meet Our Team: Brand Ambassador, Britt Evans

13th Mai 2019SHUFL Community

Say hi to Britt, our Brand Ambassador and newest SHUFL team member.  A professional cheerleader from Australia, she says she’s the most indecisive person you’ll ever meet!

As a trained dancer who has spent some time working in marketing, Britt brings a variety of professional experiences to the team.

Her new role involves lots of talking and she gets to meet some awesome bar managers and interact with some fun (and sometimes very competitive!) shuffleboard players.

She adores her SHUFL team-mates, describing them as “incredible, genuine and fun to work with”. She also loves the players, who she finds are good-spirited and, of course, the game itself because it’s so fun to play.

SHUFL fun facts:

  • Team Red or Team Blue? Red because she’s sure red goes faster and that explains why her puck is always sliding too far…!
  • Favourite thing to sip while sliding? Water – she advocates staying hydrated!
  • When it comes to her alcoholic drink of choice, a chilled glass of either rosé or white wine or a margarita usually hit the spot.
  • Likes lots of things… but more than anything, she adores people with a pure heart. Dislikes judgemental, rude people.
  • She was born and raised in Australia.

Britt regularly hosts SHUFL tournaments at our partner venues, follow us on Instagram to find out about tournaments happening in your area.

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