Ten reasons to jump on board with SHUFL in 2019

8th Januar 2019Research & Insights

If you’re a licensee, then you’ll know that staying one step ahead of your customers is the
aim of the game if you want to succeed in the dog-eat-dog world of pubs and bars.

In the current experience-led climate, there has never been a better time to get onboard with
SHUFL, the new bar game bringing people together and driving footfall in On Trade outlets
throughout the UK.

At SHUFL, the only dedicated UK brand of shuffleboard, we pride ourselves on being
experts in experiential gaming for the licensed industry. We partner with entrepreneurial
leisure brands, pub companies and innovative independents to deliver inclusive, fun and
high-quality shuffleboard gaming and to develop their player community. Our customers
experience increased footfall and dwell-time giving their guests a reason to come out and
stay out.

Here are our top ten reasons to jump onboard with SHUFL in 2019:

1. Satisfy the experience hungry
Today’s consumer prioritises new experiences: they want ‘quality over quantity’ and
new adventures that are authentic. Shuffleboard is relatively new to the UK and we
defy you not to love it! We’re all about making leisure time count.

2. Create those Insta moments
Like it or not social media is here to stay. For many creating an online persona
through storytelling and being ‘in the know’ is what it’s all about. A stand-out feature
for any pub or bar, SHUFL’s maple wood tables are beautifully handcrafted in the
USA and are very photogenic. Plus, players won’t be able to resist capturing the
reactions of their fellow competitors!

3. Champion the analogue games revival
On the other hand, analogue games that get people off their phones (- that is until
they start taking the aforementioned selfies!) are having a resurgence. Pubs are
really well placed to jump on this. Having grown-up immersed in technology and
social media, Generation Z are turning instead to authentic, socially interactive
experiences like shuffleboard.

4. Bring your local community together
‘Pub is the hub’: a place where the community can come together and conquer
loneliness. A shuffleboard table can bring together young and old, male and female,
expert and novice. It’s a really inclusive team game that could help tackle the
loneliness epidemic.

5. Attract a younger crowd
Under 25s are drinking less so if you want to attract them into your pubs you need to
give them another reason to be there.

6. Standout from the crowd

What can you offer that your competitors aren’t? Get the jump on the competition
with shuffleboard.

7. Develop a player community
Make experiential marketing part of your weaponry. Partner with SHUFL to organise
tournaments and develop a player community. Use it as a fundraiser to help the local

8. Be an innovator
Try something new: shuffleboard is dynamic and will inject new energy into your

9. Boost your bottom-line
Use a pay-per-play model to re-coup your initial investment and up-sell your food and
drink offer to promote sharing drinks and food platters. Plus, the advantage of the ‘sip
and slide’ one-handed playing technique means that while customers never have to
put their drink down, your wet-led sales go up!

10. Push the FUN factor
Last but definitely not least, give your customers something to smile about: forget
Brexit and slide into 2019 with SHUFL!

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