Meet the Bank Shot Shuffleboard: The compact table that's big on fun

bank shot shuffleboard
27th Januar 2021SHUFL News

Meet the SHUFL Bank Shot: a different way to play shuffleboard.  The Bank Shot is the compact table that’s big on fun and a great shout for smaller venues looking to offer a quality competitive socialising experience.

No space for a full-size table?  At only seven feet long (a standard shuffleboard tables ranges from 12 to 22ft), the Bank Shot is a table of two halves that is all about the angle of the slide and the rebound.  As well as providing an exciting standalone game, it also works well alongside our traditional full-length SHUFL tables to help alleviate waiting times and give added flexibility in-venue.

Already popular in our Scandinavian markets, the Bank Shot doesn’t compromise on quality craftsmanship.  A durable commercial proposition, it’s built to last.  Its solid Canadian maple playfield has a patented polymer finish and comes with a 20-year warranty.  The Bank Shot is also available with the option of bespoke, branded electronic scoring.  Find more details of exact specifications here.

How to play Bank Shot shuffleboard

Scoring on a rebound Bank Shot shuffleboard table is similar to scoring on a conventional table.  The aim is still to slide the pucks into the scoring zone but by using the back wall to bounce your puck into the other half of the table and into the scoring zone.  So, plenty of clever rebound shots to master here.

Always on the rebound yet dependable; small on footprint, big on fun, the Bank Shot could just be your perfect new business partner! More details on becoming a SHUFL partner here.

Where to play Bank Shot shuffleboard

Check out some of our favourite places to play Bank Shot shuffleboard:

Norway – Café 3b Trondheim; O’Learys Nordre; O’Learys Trondheim; O’Learys Falkoping

Sweden – Ballbreaker Kungsholmen Stockholm; Bilijard Och Bar Boras; Buddys Trollhatten; Ekilstuna Bowlingcenter; Harrys Goteburg; Harrys Jönköping; Harrys Ullared; Husaren Skovde,; Strandgoten 2 Jönköping; Varbergs Sportbar; Winnie Lane Bar n Bowling Vannersborg; Ostersunds Bowlinghall

UK – Players Social, Shoreditch, London

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