German Flexible workspace: Brings co-workers together with shuffleboard

10th März 2022SHUFL Partners

At SHUFL., we do much more than partner with hospitality venues to create memorable customer experiences; we use shuffleboard to bring co-workers together in the workplace. Great for team building and employee wellbeing, shuffleboard is playing a big part in the next generation office.  It’s the new water cooler moment, which is great for bonding between co-workers.

Global co-working and flexible office space provider, Mindspace has become the first shared workspace in Germany to partner with SHUFL., to bring its members together with shuffleboard. They have installed one of our 14 ft Gentry shuffleboard tables on the ground floor event space of their location in Stachus, Munich to encourage everyone to come together and play.

Mindspace community manager, Ly Senger, describes the experience: “The idea was to provide an ice breaker activity that brings people from different companies together and facilitates networking.  It’s a point of difference that really adds value for our members and certainly not something you can do working from home! It became a popular part of Mindspace Hour – the happy hours we organize for our members – and a really fun way to mark the end of the working week.”

SHUFL. Germany country manager, Alexander Sternadl, says: “Our tables are popular for corporate events and an increasingly mainstream choice for offices throughout our European markets because the game of shuffleboard is so inclusive and lots of people can join in. So, it’s encouraging to see that offices and co-working spaces in Germany are beginning to see the value of competitive socialising in the workplace and embrace the next evolution of office working.

“Our corporate partners report real benefits as a result of introducing a social game to their workspace. Shuffleboard helps with increased creativity and productivity; employers also see better communication between employees and improved mental health as it encourages people to take a break and relax.”

Make shuffleboard part of your co-working and flexible office space!  For more information about SHUFL. for offices here.

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