It's SHUFL time: Setting up your table

31st July 2019SHUFL Community

A premium, Texan handcrafted, maple wood SHUFL table is a thing of beauty but how do you ensure that it’s always in tip-top condition to guarantee the best gameplay conditions? 

Here’s our expert guide to setting up your shuffleboard:

  • Set up your table once at the beginning of the day or if it’s a really busy shift then consider re-laying.
  • Clear the table by wiping the sand off the board with a board wipe, supplied with your shuffleboard.
  • Spray the silicone over the entire board and then sprinkle with sand.  The sand should be evenly spread across the board – no big clumps – as it gives the pucks the ability to glide smoothly down the table.  The silicone spray helps to keep the sand in place to facilitate faster and longer game play duration.
  • Hoover up the excess sand from the outside edges to ensure your table looks pristine.
  • Now you’re all set for customers to pucker up and play.
  • During a busy shift keep an eye on the table to ensure there is always a light covering of sand and add more if necessary.
  • The lifetime polymer surface on a SHUFL table will help to protect against moisture, unlike boards that are not designed for the rigours of the commercial market, however it’s best to mop up any spilt drinks as soon as possible.
  • At the end of a shift, clean the table with a cloth and the shuffleboard cleaner, so that it’s ready to set-up again in the morning for another day of SHUFLin’.

We recommend using our standard SHUFL powder – Speed 2 Tournament Gold from ‘Sun-Glo’, the best supplier for shuffleboard maintenance and performance accessories.  It’s designed for fast-playing, larger shuffleboard tables.  We also supply the Sun-Glo silicone spray and shuffleboard cleaner.  For more information about becoming a SHUFL partner click here.

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