How shuffleboard creates a buzz in a Copenhagen hostel

28th October 2022SHUFL Partners

If you thought a hostel was just a place to get your head down when your backpacking and budgets are tight, think again!  Next House in Copenhagen, part of the Arp-Hansen Hotel Group, is a lively, next-level hostel, which opened its doors in December 2021.  Describing itself as a ‘luxury hostel’, it plays host to two championship grade shuffleboard tables – and much, much more, as part of its next level entertainment line-up.

Next House director Jep Friis Egefjord, who has previous experience of introducing shuffleboard in other hostels, explains why he become a Play SHUFL. partner:

“I’ve seen how shuffleboard creates a buzz and improves the atmosphere. It’s a nice option for backpackers to come and interact with each other. It also offers a different option to the traditional pool table, which is so common around the world, especially in hostels. Our tables get used a lot and we have really happy guests!”

Shuffleboard is not the only reason that Next House guests are happy. For the fun seekers, it boasts an indoor arena, complete with spectator seats, where you can work up a sweat playing dodgeball or football.  The Games Room is where you’ll find the two Grand Champion Play SHUFL. tables, plus table football, pool and board games (we’ll see you in a couple of hours!).

Once you’ve played the day away, you can relax in the rooftop garden or cook up a storm in the self-service kitchen, both of which offer views over Copenhagen’s rooftops.  Feeling thirsty? There’s no less than five bars and a lounge where they regularly host live music. Pizza lovers can pig out at the Next Eatery’s ‘All you can eat pizza buffet’, which serves up authentic, crispy Italian stone baked pizzas.

Oh, and did we mention there’s a gym (you might need it after the pizza!), yoga classes, a cinema and The Venue, which hosts the best live entertainment?

All we can say is, don’t forget to rent a bike and go see Copenhagen while you’re there!

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