Do you speak SHUFL?

27th March 2019SHUFL Community

Call yourself a SHUFL expert? You might be a bit of a dab hand at shooting your puck down a shuffleboard but do you know your ‘hanger’ from your ‘long ranger’? We’ve got you covered with our ultimate pro-guide to speaking SHUFL.

So, you’re down the pub in the vicinity of a shuffleboard and your mate tells you to ‘pucker up’ – don’t panic, he or she just wants you to grab a puck and play shuffleboard. (Phew!) Next, adopt our favourite stance the ‘sip and slide’: that’s one hand wrapped around your G&T and the other poised to shoot your puck.

Like football, in shuffleboard you ‘shoot to score’ by sliding your puck towards the scoring zone. When it comes to the shots – we’re not talking Tequila – we’re all about the ‘hanger’. The ultimate in shuffleboard gameplay, the ‘hanger’ is otherwise known as the ‘perfect 5 pointer’ or the maximum score one puck can earn you by coming to rest hanging off the edge of the table. Now, that’s what you call a SHUFL hot shot!

A ‘curve shot’ is used to describe an advanced play move where you shoot from the edge of the table and use the precision engineered SHUFL curve to wind your way down to the scoring zone, avoiding all obstacles along the way (fingers crossed!). Once you’ve mastered that, you can progress to the ‘long ranger’ using your curve shot to take an opposing high scorer out of play and nab their points. A perfectly executed ‘long ranger’ results in a ‘knock out’ – your opponent’s puck leaving the playfield and crashing into the cradle. Do the SHUFL!

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