Meet the team: Ben Minter, SHUFL. UK Country Manager

2nd November 2021SHUFL Community

Meet Ben, our SHUFL. UK Country Manager, he loves food and travel but don’t ask him to look after your pet cat – he’s not a fan of felines!

Prior to joining SHUFL., he amassed 15 years of experience in the hospitality sector, managing several sales teams providing drink solutions from alcohol, coffee and soft drinks to Pub Cos, wholesalers and retailers.

He’s been heading up the UK SHUFL. team since October 2019 and is enjoying running and growing the UK business and working alongside an awesome team.   A big shuffleboard fan, he loves working on such a fantastic, fun product, which, he says, is always well received and taps into a significant consumer trend for premium leisure experiences.

  • Team Red or Team Blue? He’s a blue through and through!
  • Favourite thing to sip while sliding? A nice cold pint of IPA or Pale Ale.
  • Loves: food and travel. Dislikes: cats.
  • He once had to run away from an angry rhino!

Meet some other members of our SHUFL team including our Norway and Denmark Country Manager, Martin Vea!

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