How shuffleboard generates additional revenue for single sport competitive socialising specialists

21st September 2021SHUFL Partners

Here at SHUFL. we are proud to partner with the full spectrum of competitive socialising operators: from the social gaming meccas of Boom Battle Bar and Roxy Ball Room, hosting a mega array of activities under one roof to the single sport leisure destinations like Lane 7, the ten-pin bowling specialist, and Bounce, whose core offer is ping pong.

These single activity specialists are reaping the benefits of bringing onboard complementary social gaming activities like shuffleboard to generate additional revenue and extend their offer.

Bounce added a 12ft SHUFL. table to each of their Shoreditch and Farringdon ‘Bounce’ destinations. They are proving to be a popular choice with customers and the perfect complement to the ping pong offer that Bounce are so well known for. They also enable these venues to sell a variety of different games as part of a package, which is ideal for work socials and group occasions.

At Lane 7 in Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh, SHUFL. Bank shots are the order of the day.  Our compact SHUFL Bank Shot is a table of two halves, offering a unique gameplay experience where it’s all about the angle of the slide and the rebound.  They are big on fun but require a smaller square footage so are the perfect solution if space is at a premium.

The Bank Shots at Lane 7 are some of the first examples of this table model in the UK and with support from our SHUFL Brand Ambassadors, our partners have seen a steady increase in game play revenue from the concept. One site has seen game play revenue from their Bank Shots triple in the space of one month. (from June to July 2021).

Says SHUFL. UK country manager, Ben Minter, “Our partnerships with Bounce and Lane 7 are both excellent examples of how shuffleboard can complement an existing offer and extend the customer experience, giving customers another reason to stay and play and generating additional F&B revenue.”

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