Play the curve.

Our handcrafted shuffleboard tables feature a unique curved playing surface that adds an entirely new dimension to the game.

We like our shuffleboards curvy.

The single most important innovation in the history of shuffleboard, SHUFL tables feature a revolutionary concave playing surface.

We’re so passionate about this advancement in the game that we’ve dedicated a whole page to our famous SHUFL curve to help you understand why this invention is so important.

How to play.

Never played shuffleboard before? Check out the rules to help you understand how our unique curve technology enhances the game.

Shuffleboards with a curve maximise revenue.

Our revolutionary concave playing surface features a 0.8 degree of tensional pressure, that’s a whopping 0.7 degrees more than any other standard table.

When we install a SHUFL. table, our technicians can adjust the tension to create the optimal playing surface. Try doing this on a standard table and the wood will crack.

So, what does this mean for your business?  Put simply, customer dwell time, additional food and drink sales, and repeat business are all substantially increased when compared to a venue with a flat table.

The curve adds a new dimension to the game, enhancing the fun for beginners and offering a new challenge for advanced players keeping people playing, spending and staying for longer.

The Curve shot.

Shoot from the edge of the table and use the curve to wind your way up the playfield, avoiding any strategically placed obstacles along the way.

SHUFL tables perform above and beyond a standard, flat shuffleboard table, which we’ve trialled in the past, completely transforming the game play experience.
— Pauline Bass, Director of Machines Stonegate Pub Company

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